Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Graham O'Brien - 'Live Drums' Review

Graham O'Brien - Live Drums

Ladies and gents, I give to you the link to either DL (free) or purchase ($2-plus) this one-of-a-kind, great, debut album by No Bird Sing's hip-hop drummer, Graham O'Brien.  I stumbled across the write-up and link on Empty's Tapes blog and completely agree that it's mos def worth giving a listen - or two or three or ten.  The sampling, drumming, and guest appearances by other Minneapolis greats Kristoff Krane, Adam Svec, Alicia Wiley, Eric Blair and DVS offer a solid mix of instrumental, experimental hip-hop I've never heard before.  In fact, I'd have to echo what City Pages' said back in September 2009 review of NBS' debut effort by calling their and Graham's albums "groundbreaking".  

The sounds and rhythms he produces on this work of creative genius are excellent.  The album (click for promo video) does a great job of floating back and forth with rap, hip-hop, and just a smidgen of indie rock beats and well-placed instrumental interludes.  I can't wait to get back to Minneapolis to perhaps land a show with him and/or NBS again.