Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Crazy Fast Minnesota Adventure

Last Wednesday, I took a red-eye flight overnight back to the great city of Minneapolis to see a couple of my best friends get married.  This wasn't your normal, late-summer wedding that took place.  The groom is the guitarist in my band Paragraphs, a best friend, and pop culture extraordinaire.  The bride is a crafty, animated, law school graduate friend of mine, as well.  Together, they knew how to throw one of the best weddings anyone's ever experienced.

Free pop, popcorn, and noisemakers, The Heights Theater, a close friend officiating the wedding, Jax Cafe, staged performances by Humor, Paragraphs, and Until The Tape Runs Out, free milkshakes and movie-sayings buttons, and props to dance with.  These are all critical ingredients to pull off the wedding of a century.  Also, a big shout out to Sean Horkheimer and Mark Phillips in creating some great short videos for the couple at the ceremony!

After sifting through all my pictures from the crazy day, I'll leave you with this one of my friend Chad, getting his groove on the dance floor with a horse prop.  Thanks for putting on such an amazing event, Chris and Jess, and I'm so glad I made it back home to witness the beginning of your lives together.

Ride it, Chad!  Ride it!

Aside from the weekend's main event, I was happy to be greeted and hosted for the weekend by Ms. Brittany Burris at the airport on Thursday morning.  Paragraphs practice was at noon, then we did some driving around Minneapolis before meeting Chris and friends at Chatterbox in St. Paul.  Friday morning consisted of a long-awaited reunion with my Auggie distance runners and a decent 10k run down on Pike Island.  Brittany and I picked up some things needed for a killer fruit pizza for the couple's wedding BBQ that evening.  The aforementioned wedding events all happened on Saturday, and I was happy to see about 20 of my family members on Sunday afternoon at the new Uptown Cafeteria restaurant on the rooftop for a nice brunch on their rooftop patio.  (Highly suggest the shrimp pita there for sure!)  Sunday evening consisted of Brittany and I meeting up with quite a few friends at Town Hall Brewery, including a few I haven't seen for a long time even before I left for Alaska in April.  Oh, speaking of, thanks Chris for the bells (gift for being the wedding guest who came from the furthest away), haha.  So thanks to everyone who came out to Town Hall.

It was a whirlwind of a weekend with nonstop action.  I think I literally had less than two or three hours of downtime each day, of which I chose by staring into blank space, trying to watch Overboard with Brittany, and hilarious people watching out of her Uptown, street-corner, studio apartment.  To cap it off, we stopped by Lake Calhoun quickly on our way to drop me off the airport on Monday afternoon.  I'll leave you with a pic from there.  Until my next adventure or thought-provoking post, be well.

Nice shades, B.  : )

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